8 Gore Skirt

8 Gore Skirt

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Gored skirts are kind of perfect in a couple ways.  The gores flow out from the waist down to them hem which reduces the bulk at the waist, but gives you room at the hips and a nice flared, easy to wear skirt that has plenty of style.  They are dressy looking in a little floral print and perfectly casual in a denim or any other solid.   I make them in our poly/cottons for wearing in the summer because I can grab them from the line or dryer without bothering to press them.  The finished length is about 34" but you can add or subtract length as desired.  You may choose any of our fabrics but I'd avoid plaids. Order based on your waist measurement.  We have a very similar 8 gore skirt also available in plus sizes.

Our 8 gore skirt is similar to the 6 gore skirt.  I'd say that the main difference is the way the bottom of the skirt turns out.  The flare is a bit greater with the 8 gore, giving this skirt a bit of a retro, 50's feel.