Carrie's Dress

Carrie's Dress

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Our Carrie's Dress for babies and toddlers matches our Carrie's Dress for girls.  Dresses are gathered to lined front and back high yokes.  They have a button closure on the back and an optional round collar.  You may choose from short or long sleeves finished with elastic.  This style is great for little ones as the high yoke makes the fit both easy and long wearing compared to other designs. Add matching or white cotton bloomers under this dress for a special set.  You may choose from any of our fabrics for this dress but we'd recommend sticking to the lighter weight cottons and poly/cottons.   

Please check the age/length below for your best size.  If ordering a gift, go by age in months. 

Size Small (3 months)--Finished length of about 13"

Size Medium (6 months)--Finished length of about 15"

Size Large (12 months)--Finished length of about 17"

Size XL (18 months)--Finished length of about 18"

Size XXL (24 months)--Finished length of about 20"