Fabric Choices

In the links above you will find hundreds of fabric options for your custom made garments.  We only buy first quality fabrics and over the years have learned what prints, weights and styles our clients enjoy the most.  I understand that choosing the right fabric for a garment can be a bit overwhelming with so many choices but hopefully the explanations and pictures will help you with your selections. When choosing fabrics for a garment that needs coordinating fabrics, please use the link to the Cotton Collections. 

If you would like to send your own fabric, please contact me first with the kind of fabric you are sending as well as the style number and size so I can give you an approximate yardage amount.  I am happy to sew with clean, new cotton, poly/cotton and linen fabrics.  Polyester, rayon and other man-made fabrics are hard to manage on my machines and take a great deal longer to work with than can be afforded for the prices listed.  Please do understand that while you are welcome to send the above fabrics, there is no longer a discount given.  When you order, be sure to mark your fabric as an A fabric so that you are not charged anything extra and in the space where you list your fabric choice simply put "sending own fabric". 

The organization of our fabric chart is different from the old website.  Thanks for taking the time to look around and become familiar with it.  If you need help at any time you can contact us through the contact form on the home page of the website. Our phone number is available there as well.

  • Poly/Cotton Tropical Breeze:  Tropical Breeze fabric is produced by a conservative Mennonite company and is best known for its year round wear, lovely drape and hard wearing quality.  If pulled out of the washer or dryer and hung up, it does not need to be ironed.  You may find yourself passing down dresses from yourself to a friend or from daughter to daughter because of the durability of this material.  Some customers choose to wear a slip under these fabrics, especially for warmth in the winter and under the lighter colors in summer.  Tropical Breeze fabrics weigh about 3oz per square yard and are 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

  • Matching Cotton Collections:  Our cotton collections are made up of groups of fabrics that coordinate with each other.  They are quilt shop quality fabrics, 100% cotton and about 4oz per square yard.  We try to keep some holiday and season specific collections available at all times.

  • Organic Cotton Collections:  A very special group of cotton collections that are made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton.  These fabrics cost quite a bit more to use but give one a try.  It feels beautiful and is also about 4oz per square yard.  As we are able, we will add more organic fabrics to our selections.

  • Cotton Prints and Solids: More quilt store quality 100% cotton prints which are about 4oz per square yard.  Included in this collection is the odd cotton lawn which is a very light but tightly woven fabric.  Lawns are about 3oz per square yard.

  • Linen Blends, Batik prints and Crushed Cotton:  We only have a few linen blends left.  Please wash in cold water on delicate cycle and hang to dry.  They are about 6oz per square yard.  Our 100% cotton Batik prints are hand dyed in Bali and are really fun for skirts.  Our small collection of 100% Crushed Cotton is sadly almost gone and is no longer being manufactured.  They have a textured look which lets you skip the ironing and are 5oz per square yard

  • Cotton Twill, Chino and Pique: Our 100% cotton twills are heavier than the cotton prints at 5-6oz per square yard.  We wear them year round but tend to reach for them most in the cooler months. Twill is great for long wearing jumpers and skirts.  Chino is very similar to Twill but a bit has a softer hand and drape. It is about 5oz per square yard.  Cotton Pique is a bit softer than twill and feels a bit like a t-shirt but without the stretch.  It drapes beautifully and is also 4-6oz per square yard, depending on the fabric.  It’s very worth trying if you want something a bit different.

  • Corduroy: Our 21 wale and featherwale 100% cotton corduroy can be dressy, fun and practical at 4.5 oz-5 oz per square yard.  We wear these at least half the days of the week during the winter months just because it is so cozy, soft and warm. 

  • Denim and Chambray: We have a great selection of dress weight denims and chambrays.  The denims are 6.5 oz per square yard and the chambray lighter at 4.5 oz. Both are great for year round wear.  All are 100% cotton. 

  • Flannel and Brushed Cotton: Flannel is 100% cotton and 5-6oz per square yard.  They are of course perfect for nightgowns but you might want to try one for a dress or warm skirt as well.  Brushed cotton is lighter than flannel but still has that cozy feel to it.  They are about 4.5oz per square yard.

  • Whites, Lights and Naturals: Our whites and naturals are mostly used for underclothing, blouses, aprons and pinafores.  We have tried to put together a large collection of whites in order to give you lots of choices and variety.  Broadcloth, poplin, batiste, nainsook and muslin are all used for underclothing.  Others are much more appropriate for shirts and blouses.  To help you know which are light and which are heavier, we have put the weights per square yard in the descriptions of each fabric.  Please let us know if you have questions or would like suggestions for which fabric might work best for a specific garment.

For our more expensive fabrics, there is a small surcharge.  As you add garments to your cart, you will be able to add the surcharge based on the suffix of your fabric code (-A, -B, -C or -D). Almost all garments are priced based on a –A fabric.  The surcharges for the others simply cover the extra cost which we paid when purchasing the bolt of fabric.  To purchase yardage of any of our cotton fabrics, please send us an e-mail with fabric numbers and desired yardage. Tropical Breeze fabrics are available for purchase on the "Fabrics for Sale" page.

Fabrics are difficult to photograph so whenever possible we have used the pictures provided by the manufacturer.  We have done our best to represent color and size to you, but every computer will portray color and size slightly differently, depending on its settings.  If you are unsure about a fabric, please send for a fabric swatch before you order your garment as custom made garments are not returnable.  To request fabric swatches, please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  Please limit your request to 4 swatches at most.  Send your envelope to:

Graceful Threads, PO Box 380, Otis, MA 01253