Half slip

Half slip

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These simple slips are great under dresses, jumpers and skirts. They come a couple inches shorter than our dresses and are perfect for dresses that may be a bit sheer.  Eyelet lace can be added to the hem to create a petticoat. For a specific length, please measure from your child's natural waist down to where you want the slip to end on the leg.  Take a look at the Whites, Lights and Naturals fabric chart and notice the different fabrics that are available for underclothing.  There are some short descriptions which should help you choose the best fabric for your slip, based on when you will wear them the most.  Choose a light fabric for warm weather and muslin or even flannel for winter.  

Age and size go fairly well with this pattern but if you'd like to be sure, measure your child's waist, check our Girl's Size Chart (see top of page) and choose the correct size.  If you have any questions please contact us using our contact form.