Kelly's Jumper

Kelly's Jumper

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A shoulder-button jumper that matches our Kelly's Jumper for girls.  The bodice is fully lined and has a raised waist and darts.  It is comfortable for everyday wear and should work well during the first half of pregnancy.  In comparison with Ginger's Jumper, I think the bodice is a bit more empire and the appearance more fitted with the darts.  The skirt is cut in an A-line shape making it full at the hem but not too bulky at the gathered waist.   Back ties are optional.  Approximate length for all sizes is 50".  You may choose from any of our fabrics.  If you choose a heavier fabric, we may line the bodice with a lighter one to keep down the bulk with the darts.  

Please order based on your bust measurement and if possible, please give us your measurements.