PJ Lounge Pants

PJ Lounge Pants

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Our pull on pants for boys and girls with a comfortable elastic waist work great for hanging around the house.  Do them in regular cottons year round or have a cozy pair for winter in flannel.   

Please measure where you want these to sit on your child's waist and choose the appropriate size below.  If you would like a specific length, measure from your child's waist down the outside of the leg to where you want the pants to end.   

Please note that NONE of our fabrics or threads are treated with flame retardant and qualify as appropriate for making children's nightwear.  For this reason we are happy to make these for you as loungewear only.

XS (4-5)--Fits a child about 42" tall with a waist of about 22". 

S (6)--Fits a child about 46" tall with a waist of about 23"

M (7-8)--Fits a child about 50" tall with a waist of about 24"

L (10)--Fits a child about 55" tall with a waist of about 25"

XL (12-14)--Fits a child about 60" tall with a waist of about 27"