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Created originally for our Girl's 1850's Dress, these long pantaloons add a special touch to any dress and have become popular with all of our historic dress designs.  They fit at the waist like regular pants but are not bulky.  Eyelet hem is attached on the bottom hem of each leg.  Pattern used by permission from Sense and Sensibility.

For a historic look, we would recommend ordering these in poly/cotton or cotton batiste.  For everyday wear, use the white muslin or white poly/cotton.  For winter wear, use white flannel.  In addition, you can have these made in a fabric that matches your dress.  Please take a look at the fabrics on the Whites, Lights and Naturals Fabric chart and choose one of the fabrics recommended for underclothing. 

Please measure where you want these to sit on your child's waist and choose the appropriate size above.  Girls wearing a size 12/14 should order a ladies size 6.