Poem Skirt

Poem Skirt

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I had a hankering to design a new skirt using the beautiful cotton lawn fabrics we had just received from Monaluna.  The cotton lawn was too sheer to use as a single layer and I've always wanted to design a double layer A-Line skirt for women that would be light and airy for hot summers.  Here's what I came up with.  The pattern is a simple A-line but it is cut using the full width of the fabric at the bottom.  This gives you lots of leg room for hot days but keeps the top of the skirt reasonably trim.  The top layer is 8-10 inches shorter than the bottom layer and is also cut with the full width, helping it to stand out a little bit from the bottom skirt.  The final standard length will be about 35" but if you would like a shorter length please make that note in the Alteration section with your desired length.  There is no extra charge.  You may finish the waistline with elastic or with a white twill drawstring.  If you use elastic, the slight gathers at the waist will be distributed around the skirt, just like other A-line skirts.  If you choose the drawstring waist, it will look much like the pictures here.  I like to gather any of the extra gathers to the back center of the skirt.  You still have the full width of the skirt for comfort but with the gathers all at the back, it creates a very similar look to the early 1900's walking skirts.  The fullness is taken away from the front and the skirt skims nicely over the hips.  

You will want to choose two fabrics for this design. I highly recommend the cotton lawns from our Organic cottons page but you may choose any lightweight coordinating fabrics.  If using heavier fabrics for winter I'd recommend the drawstring option as the elastic may feel bulky.  

To order the right size, take your waist measurement where you will want the skirt to sit.  Then order based on your waist measurement.