Short Bloomers

Short Bloomers

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Little bloomers for under your dresses that work perfectly as a diaper cover.  You may have them in the same fabric as a dress you are ordering or for everyday wear choose from one of our white fabrics.  The legs and waist are finished with comfy elastic and you are welcome to add a bit of lace to the legs.     

Please check the weight/length below for your best size.  If ordering a gift, go by age in months. 

Size Small (0-3 months)--For babies about 13 pounds

Size Medium (3-6 months)--For babies about 18 pounds

Size Large (6-12 months)--For babies about 22 pounds

Size XL (12-18 months)--For babies about 26 pounds

Size XXL (18-24 months)--For babies about 29 pounds